Kent Marine Bio Reef Ready LED Aquarium, 94 Litre
Kent Marine Bio Reef Ready LED Aquarium, 94 Litre

Kent Marine Bio Reef Ready LED Aquarium, 94 Litre


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Product Description

Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium WITH FREE STARTER KIT AND MARINE AQUARIUM BOOK Dimensions, Length 51cm x Width 45cm x Height 57cm Volume, 94 Litres The Kent Marine Bio Reef is an complete system designed to ensure keeping marines enjoyable, complete with integrated filtration, circulation and lighting all in a compact design to ensure the very best for you reef. First of all the Kent Marine has a 4 chamber filtration system all in the back of the tank, the chambers consist of, Chamber 1, Fully flooded chamber designed to house the heater. Chamber 2, Contains Foam, Bio Media, and Filter Floss. This chamber is where you control the water flow in to chamber 3 for the skimmer via the weir gate. Chamber 3, Contains Ceramic media at the bottom and the Kent Marine Nano Skimmer with a specially designed bracket to position the skimmer at the perfect level. Chamber 4, This chamber houses the 1000 litres an hour main pump with 2 directional nozzles. The Kent Marines Lighting consists of two 36w Compact T5 bulbs one is a Marine White and one is a Marine White and Marine Blue. If that wasn’t enough the Kent Marine also has 6x White LED’s and 4x Actinics on a separate switch for night time viewing. The kit also includes the wave maker circulation pump and heater, not forgetting the FREE stater kit Starter Kit Consists of Reef Pack A and B 2 x 3.29kg packs of kent marine salt 1 x Kent Marine Hydrometer Kent Marine Protein Skimmer


  • Complete hidden filtration system
  • Free wave maker included
  • Low electricity consumption led lighting
  • Heater chamber and heater
  • Dual source lighting
  • All aquariums are now overboxed for added shipping protection and meet Frustration Free Packaging requirements.
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