Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Chiller Water Cooler L-500

Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Chiller Water Cooler L-500


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Product Description

The contemporary design of this marine chiller ensures it does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with our other cooling unit it uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134 A.

The performance of these chillers is subject to ambient room temperature and other additional heat sources in the aquarium i.e. lighting (halide especially), filters, pumps, power heads and even pumps that are integrated into equipment like protein skimmers and various types of reactors. These coolers are designed for tropical, marine and freshwater aquarium systems. You will need a larger cooler than stated for native marines and specialised lower temperature freshwater set ups.


  • Over current and overheat auto protection system ensures safe and reliable operation
  • The system has a built in temperature memory for turning the system off and can stay set on the temperature that you require
  • Inlet and Outlet diameter; 16mm
  • Flow rate;1800- 4800 L/H
  • Recommended aquarium size; 200 – 1000 Litres
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